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Articles in journal «Economics and innovations management»

Эффективность методов управления проектами

№ 4 April 2015

Методика 8D как инновационное решение проблем связанных с качеством в производственном процессе

№ 8 August 2015

Методы решения конфликтов в организации и их влияние на эффективность труда

№ 11 November 2015

Articles in journal «Modern Scientific Researches and Innovations»

Alekseeva E.V., Zabulonov Y.L. A method of rapid testing radioactivity of building materials

June, 2014

Karpushin Y.S. Opportunities of the truth table at the description of complex events

August, 2014

Velikanov V.S., Safin G.G., Abdrahmanov A.A. Model to assess the reliability of the process functioning of the system "operator-mountain machine"

December, 2014

Mayyu N.S. Quality management of the project

January, 2015

Pustovoitov Y.L. Alternative approaches to forming foreign grammar skills

June, 2015

Zlobin A.E. Landslide as initial mechanism of comet nucleus destruction during entrance into dense atmosphere of planet

December, 2015

Yanshitova E.V., Rusinova N.V. Analysis of the ecological balance of the Pluginer the Republic of Mari El

April, 2016

Merenyasheva M.A., Lyzina A.G. The essence of the concept of "Prototyping" in the context of design education. The role of prototyping in learning the method of artistic and compositional simulation

July, 2016

Gudkova S.A., Shazamova N.A. Develop the structure of the APQP process based on the methodology of «Project Management»

March, 2017

Karamanova N.T. Methods of second language teaching

January, 2021

Altunin K.V. New representation of the scientific knowledge structure

September, 2021

Articles in journal «Humanities Scientific Researches»

Afanasyev A.I. Humanities: scientific claim

May, 2013

Nikitin A.A. Outlines methodology humanities XXI century

February, 2014

Pуаtiletova L.V., Mylnikov M.M. The specificity of the teaching of philosophy in the modern technical University: pedagogical effects of pragmatism (in the example the training theme "World view: species specificity, function)

August, 2014

Mudrakov V.V. On the problem of F. Nietzsche's genealogical analysis (at the way to "newreligiosity"?)

October, 2014

Dubrovskikh D.A. Uniqueness as the characteristic of the project

February, 2015

Smirnova Y.V. Retail trade in home appliances and electronics in Russia

November, 2015

Temnikova A.V. Aspects of functioning of economic systems

December, 2015

Kondrashina I.A., Minnegalimova A.Z. Interrogation under hypnosis

March, 2016

Shamis V.A. Application the case method in educational process of higher education institution

March, 2016

Egorova S.V., Egorov V.A. Motivation yesterday, today, tomorrow

December, 2016

Belotserkovskaya V.V. Learning English through Art

January, 2017

Articles in journal «Psychology, Sociology and Pedagogy»

Dronova E.N. Content and methodology of social and educational activities: test items

February, 2015