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Articles in journal «Economics and innovations management»

Определение стадий проектирования строительных объектов в международных и национальных нормативных документах

№ 1 January 2014

Стадийность проектирования в строительстве: европейский подход

№ 10 October 2014

Значение информации и системного подхода в проектировании и управлении строительством

№ 1 January 2015

Стадийность проектирования в строительстве: на пути к гармонизации международных стандартов

№ 6 June 2015

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Tsyplakova S.A. Designing as a way to transform pedagogical reality

October, 2012

Shestakova C.A. Conditions and directions of the planning of social development within a organization

June, 2013

Velikanov V.S. Questions CAD development jobs operators of mining machines

March, 2014

Koptev V.U. Integration of the promotion at slaughter designing transport schemes of mining enterprises

May, 2014

Petrov P.A., Feoktistov A.Y. Holistic approach to the design of mining and processing enterprises

June, 2014

Barbova T.I. "Graduates" Database as a Means of Data Processing Automation in SBLEI "Governor's Cadet Boarding School Police"

June, 2014

Arbuzov V.P., Abramova O.F. Design of modern web-site with use technology Landing Page

January, 2015

Feh A.I., Isaeva E.S., Skachkova L.A. Workflow module using CATIA Human Builder Program

March, 2015

Romanyuk I.A., Gorbunov V.N., Sinitsyn M.A. Improving methods of design of object construction master plan

April, 2015

Menyailov E.S., Abramova O.F Application of computer technologies for imaging the interior room with 3-d modeling

February, 2016

Patrakova D.I. Design of the database for the entity on the example a flower shop

August, 2016

Berezin I.S., Ziegler I.A., Malakhov I.I., Sukovin M.V. The use of similarity theory for the construction of centrifugal pumps characteristics

September, 2016

Prokhorova M.P. Theoretical bases of designing individual educational route at the level of discipline

November, 2016

Kuvaytsev A.V. Bottom-up database implementation

November, 2016

Evdokimov R.A., Sinyavskiy V.V. Stochastic description of the functioning condition’s characteristics of the space transport system for payloads delivering to high orbits

November, 2016

Kuvaytsev A.V. Top-down database implementation

November, 2016

Moskalenko K.I., Moskalenko A.I. Analysis of system design calculation of the thermal modes of elements of printed circuit boards

February, 2017

Проектирование биржи полиграфических услуг

May, 2017

Разработка системы учета уголовных дел следователя

June, 2017

Анализ интернет-порталов основанных на социальном взаимодействии, их виды, типы и структурные элементы

November, 2017

Проектирование информационной системы ВУЗа

October, 2018

Экспертная система построения модели угроз локальной сети

November, 2018

Компьютерное моделирование работы вихревого энергоразделителя

April, 2020

Building Information Modeling (BIM) – в строительстве

July, 2020

Особенности проектирования систем лучистого отопления

December, 2020

sPlan – мнение о программе для черчения электронных и электрических схем

December, 2020

AnyLogic – мнение о программе

December, 2020

Проектирование и разработка геоинформационной системы для удаленной посуточной аренды жилья

March, 2021

Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Guseynov R.R. Psychological and pedagogical support of self-determination of students in sports and athletic activities

October, 2013

Kozhukhovskiy A.N. Application of modern innovative technologies in the manufacturing process of architectural models to achieve its high aesthetic artistic level

April, 2015

Kozhukhovskiy A.N. The role and importance of humanitarian, technological and aesthetic areas of activity of the designer to work on the layout, their relationship with the design and architecture

May, 2015

Ratushinskaya A.A. The consideration of time factor in investment designing

February, 2016

Valiahmetov R.R., Stashuk P.V. Design web applications service centre for repair and maintenance of computers "Maximum"

July, 2016

Articles in journal «Psychology, sociology and pedagogy»

Bolotov A.V. Application of information technologies in psychology

June, 2015

Kozlov P.G., Fediuk R.S., Mochalov A.V., Timokhin A.M., Mutalibov Z.A. Designing military roads by students of military training centers in the learning process

June, 2015

Articles in journal «Modern technics and technologies»

Sviridova O.V. Software implementation of a mathematical model of document management in the editorial office of the newspaper

October, 2013

Vechelkovsky B.E. Analysis of the key factors in the introduction of BIM in modern construction

January, 2015

Sabirova A.A., Kayumov A.F. Development distributed database and applications for solving problems of manufacturing firm in Naberezhnye Chelny

June, 2015

Kravchenko A.M. Features engineering analysis engineering products in CAD Autodesk Inventor

June, 2015

Antipin A.F. To the question about the design and development of multidimensional interval-logic regulators

June, 2015

Kozlov P.G., Fediuk R.S., Khramov D.A. To the question of settlement characteristics of clayey soils subgrade design and pavement reconstruction (on the example of the southern Far East)

January, 2016

Strachilov M.V., Blokhin P.V., Vasilyeva M.V. Design of active electrical filters scheme Sallen-Key

February, 2017

Buzhinskaya N.V., Starodumova D.S. Design of mobile applications for smartphones on the basis of Android operating system

April, 2017

Articles in journal «Modern pedagogy»

Viltsan M.A. Preparation of the future social workers in terms of forecasting, modeling and design professional activity

April, 2015

Kozlov P.G., Fedyuk R.S., Makarova J.O., Myagkih L.M. The design and implementation of school physical education

May, 2015

Shilyagina A.M. Didactic informative complexes in the aspect of pedagogical projection

October, 2015

Articles in journal «Portal of scientific & practical publications»

Формирование требований к разработке системы автоматизации процесса технического обслуживания и ремонта автотранспорта

June, 2014