Articles in «English»

Vilisova A.S. Прогнозные оценки развития земельного рынка Свердловской области

№ 11 November 2017

Burtseva T.A. Industrial parks as a mechanism of attracting investments: experience and problems of implementation in the regions of Russia

№ 11 November 2017

Batyrova N. Problems of development and ways to improve tourism in Kazakhstan

№ 2 February 2018

Balalaieva O.Y. Classical roots in popular brand names

№ 8 August 2019

Vasilyeva M. Modern theoretical and methodological approaches of foreign researchers to the study of core competence

№ 1 January 2020

Balalaieva O.Y. Economy, business and finance in the taxonomy Media Topic

№ 2 November 2021

Vakulyk I.I. Implementation of world experience in the regulation of international trade of Ukraine

№ 3 December 2021

Ismailova E.M.g. Assessment of the dependence of countries on the European Union on the Caspasian region in the conditions of globalization

№ 8 August 2022

Krishnan E.R., Anand J., Toshpulotov A. Research of financial strategy development mechanisms

№ 3 March 2023