Kuzmina Oksana Gennadevna1, Shumak Olga Alexandrovna1
1Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI

It is known that for acceptance of management decisions it is necessary to know not only the size of the got profit, but also profitability, i.e. efficiency of activities of the company. For this purpose calculate and analyze in dynamics indicators profitability. However, in addition to profitability of activities, the firm shall control and maintain solvency and a capital structure (a ratio of own and borrowed funds) at the acceptable level. For the solution of this task determine values of absolute liquidity indices and financial stability. The above-named indicators shall be not only are determined and analysed in dynamics, it is also represented it is necessary to estimate their influences at each other. Solving a profitability increase problem, often lose in liquidity. It characterizes a management system finance of the entity as inefficient that indirectly demonstrates availability of the conflict of the purposes in the organization.

Article reference:
Approaches to evaluating the effectiveness of the company's activities // Economics and innovations management. 2016. № 6 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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