Ivanova Arina Vladimirovna
Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod
institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship, Master’s programmes: Management - Marketing

The world experience shows that small business plays a very important role in the development of the entire state. Small business has its own characteristics, adapting quickly to the needs of society and replenishing state coffers numerous contributions.
At some point, a period of rapid growth in the number and influence of transnational corporations seemed obvious imminent disappearance of small businesses under the influence of large companies. However, with the increasing uncertainty of the economic environment, with the entry of developed countries in the era of consumption, as well as with the increasing individualization of consumer preferences, the importance and the power of small and medium business increased significantly. There are many possible solutions to the problems associated with the organization of a small business, for example, state funding for the program, the best deals of banks, both free and paid courses of entrepreneur skills and so on. However, anactive use of social media is considered to be the most popular and effective strategy for making small business more attractive to customers, for attracting the target audience and solving the most important business decisions - challenges considered.
In this article for an example of this category of media work will be considered as a way to solve many problems encountered by small businesses in the field of hotel services in the course of their operation. A different approach to the definition of social media, not only as a transmission channel of information to customers, but also as a key tool provides a successful small business activity will be also explored.

Keywords: mix-маркетинг, SMM

Article reference:
The impact of social media on the functioning of small business on the example of Nizhny Novgorod hostels // Economics and innovations management. 2016. № 5 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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