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Страховая защита финансовых ресурсов в антикризисном управлении на предприятии ООО «Раевская»

№ 4 April 2015

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Низамова А.И., Васильева И.Н. Оценка непрерывности деятельности организации на основе анализа вероятности банкротства организации

February, 2013

Frolova V.B. Problems of formation of borrowed capital structure organization

April, 2014

Uchaeva T.V., Tikhonova K.I. Analysis of financial performance JSC «Nizhnelomovskie bakery»

April, 2015

Terehova A.N. Financial stability - a factor of production efficiency

November, 2015

Khomenko D.V. Influence of financial stability of the organizations on a condition of development of the sphere of public catering in Russia

February, 2016

Fomenko A.S., Selivanova Y.V. Practical aspects of the analysis of the financial condition of the enterprise (for example, PJSC "NC" Rosneft")

December, 2016

Kovalenko O.G. Management of solvency of the enterprise in modern conditions

December, 2016

Kostyukevich O.V. Analysis of own capital as major factor of financial stability of the organization

December, 2016

Andreeva T.S. Accounting policy as a management tool indicators of financial condition

December, 2016