Kurnosova Valeriya Vitalevna

The relevance of the article is due to the fact that banks are increasingly exploring the possibilities of using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Artificial intelligence technology is expected to increase the operational efficiency of banking as well as improve risk management. While the use of artificial intelligence in banking creates great opportunities, there are also risks and challenges associated with these methods. Given the growing use of this technology and potential risks, the article presents the main trends in the use of artificial intelligence by banks and the possible consequences of these processes. It is substantiated that the introduction of artificial intelligence will have an impact on the innovativeness of the banking sector and its services, increase the efficiency and speed of service.

Keywords: banks, digital transformation, machine learning, risk management, technology

Article reference:
Kurnosova V.V. Artificial intelligence technologies in banking // Economics and innovations management. 2022. № 8 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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