UDC 331.45


Vorobyova Kristina Sergeevna
National Research University Belgorod State University
student 4 courses of Institute of management Department of personnel management

The article considers the questions of introduction of innovative methods and approaches to normal and safe working conditions to staff, are presented and analyzed specific examples of methods of the organization of working conditions used by modern organizations, among them are examined and innovative approaches. Specifies the methods of state regulation of activities of state and commercial structures in the sphere of working conditions through labour legislation, the establishment of appropriate associations, competitions and grants.

Keywords: Innovation, inter-regional Association to promote safe working conditions “Etalon”, labour market, occupational stress, photography and simatography working day, safety, time studies, working conditions

Article reference:
Innovative approaches to working conditions of staff // Economics and innovations management. 2016. № 11 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://ekonomika.snauka.ru/en/2016/11/13133

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