Keosidi I.I.1, Vlasova S.E.2, Shatokhin A.A.3
1Kuban State University, 2nd year student, Faculty of Economics, "The world economy"
2Kuban State University, 3rd year student, Faculty of Economics, "System analysis"
3Kuban State University, 1st year student, Faculty of Economics, "The world economy"

The article discusses the country economy competitiveness indicators and fac-tors influencing them. Every country resident`s welfare depends on the national economy competitiveness. Position of Russian Federation in international ratings of competitiveness is analyzed, the problems don`t allowing Russian Federation to hold higher position are revealed. The summary of current directions to overcome these problems is carried out. The methods of resolving problems are suggested and their need is proved. Assumption about Russian Federation economy competitiveness’ dynamics is made.

Article reference:
Methods for improving the competitiveness of the Russian economy // Economics and innovations management. 2016. № 4 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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