Egovtsova Darya Vladimirovna1, Lyaskovskaya Elena Aleksandrovna2
1South Ural State University, undergraduate student of chair «Economics, Management and investment»
2South Ural State University, professor of chair «Economics, Management and Investment»

Given the definition of "wages". It reflects all components of employee salaries. The factors that affect the system of remuneration. The analysis of the requirements that apply to workers in employment. Data requirements include: knowledge and skills, responsibilities, physical and mental effort, working conditions. The systems of remuneration of employees in different countries. The factors that affect the level of employees' salaries. Analyzed the degree of satisfaction of their employees wages and additional payments. A comparison of salaries in different countries. An analysis of the average wage by economic activity and popular specialties. The statistics of average wages in the regions of Russia.

Keywords: average salary, factors affecting wages, job requirements, salary, satisfaction with salary, statistics on wages, wage system

Article reference:
Sectoral, regional and national differences of wages // Economics and innovations management. 2016. № 1 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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