Musostova Deshi Shamsudinovna1, Bisaeva Daniya Isaevna2
1Chechen State University, senior teacher of Business economics chair
2Chechen State University, 3d year student of Faculty of economy and finance

This article considers formation of developed economies of the world. We know that small and medium business, creates new workplaces, reduces the level of social tension and economic disparity, the number of owners increases and thereby forming middle class – the main guarantor of political stability in society. Small enterprises without considerable capital costs can reorient production on again arising requirements. The entrepreneurship in small forms provides the high speed of a capital turnover and by that - outstanding performance of invested funds, decrease in production costs and losses, as well as, simple organizational structure of management.

Keywords: development of small entrepreneurship, economy, entrepreneurship, management structure, small business.

Article reference:
Development Problems of small business in Russia // Economics and innovations management. 2016. № 1 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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