Panishchenko Mariya Igorevna1, Saltykov Maskim Aleksandrovich2
1Far Eastern Federal University, graduate student of the department "Finance and credit"
2Far Eastern Federal University, Ph.D., assistant professor of the department "Finance and credit"

The influx of foreign investments in the region allows to evaluate the economic development of this area. The investment climate in Russia is quite attractive for foreign investors and Primorsky territory is one of the priorities in the country. It is possible to reach a new level of economic growth by attracting foreign investors. It can be said, that the change in the level of received investments in the region in a big way, can have an impact on output and employment, structural changes in the economy and also on the development of businesses. Thus, the increase of incoming foreign investments gives impetus to the development of businesses with a large resource base in the territory of Primorye. Cooperation with major investor countries allows Primorsky Territory to go to the next level. The article deals with the dynamics of foreign investments in the economy of Primorsky territory for the 2000-2013 years, the distribution of foreign investments across economic activity and the distribution of foreign investments across the investor countries. Primorsky territory has been placed in the Russian and regional ranking of foreign direct investments. The measures have been suggested to improve the investment attractiveness for foreign investors.

Article reference:
Current status of foreign investments in the economy of Primorsky territiry // Economics and innovations management. 2016. № 1 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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