Vafina Kamilya Yuldizovna
National Research University «Higher School of Economics»

At the present stage an effective management system is a key factor of a competitive ability of modern successful companies. This paper focuses on researching of an American administration system.
The paper examines the history of management thought in the United States. Much attention was given to analyzing of many American scientists which works have made significant contribution in the development of a global management. The paper also reveals the basic concept of the American management system. It is spoken about the advantages and disadvantages of western management. Paper analyses several leading U.S. companies and finds special features of them. It was used the case-study method to compare these companies. It was studied about a role of a single employee in the structure of the business relationships.
Author of a study made some recommendations (on the research basis) that can improve U.S. management system. It should be emphasized that this study can be a basis for analysis of Russian administration and management system.

Keywords: administration system, global management, Innovation, management, organization, USA

Article reference:
Modern management system in advanced U.S. companies // Economics and innovations management. 2014. № 2 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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