Matveeva Alina Victorovna1, Makurin Vyachslav Vladimirovich2
1Volgograd State Technical University, Undergraduate
2Volgograd State Technical University, senior Lecturer

This article is devoted to the important issue of cost management-company and evaluating the effectiveness of the activities of the company. The paper provides an overview of the basic concepts related to the issue of cost management, describes the model of good governance and describes the performance criteria of cost management in modern companies.

Keywords: cost management, financial soundness, management evaluation, ongoing development of the company, performance criteria

Article reference:
Cost-based approach as an effective way of enterprise development // Economics and innovations management. 2013. № 11 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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One comment to “Cost-based approach as an effective way of enterprise development”

  1. 21.07.2015 at 12:40

    В переводе правильнее назвать статью Value-based approach, а не Cost-based (затратный). И соотвественно в ключевых словах value-based management…

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