Gorobets Yana Sergeevna
Tyumen state academy of world economy, management and law

The Russia’s WTO accession is likely to have important effects on many as-pects of the Russian economy and a growing majority of Russian economists be-lieve that WTO accession will benefit Russia. But many questions about the im-pact of WTO accession remain. These questions include: what are the macro-economic impacts; how will the different sectors of the Russian economy likely be impacted, how will household incomes and the poor be affected; and what will be the impact in the regions of Russia? Some observers are also asking for clearer ex-planations of why WTO will bring about any of the claimed impacts and what are the sources of the gains and losses for the Russian economy? It may undertake several detailed quantitative studies on these impacts to offer some perspectives on the question of Russian WTO accession.

Article reference:
Macroeconomic impacts on Russia's WTO accession // Economics and innovations management. 2013. № 11 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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