Kildeev Ruslan Haidarovich
Penza State University
graduate student of chair Management

One of components of realization of management process at various levels is formation of target programs of social development. The wide experience of realization of the program and target planning applied in a state planned economy, allows to realize more intensively in practice the comprehensive programs acting as the instrument of public administration. But unlike traditional planning the program goals management embodies system approach in management of economy and is treated in a broad sense and as a method of a program embodiment of large administrative decisions, and as realization of an integrated approach at the solution of large-scale social and economic problems.
The state different methods and in the ways carries out the social policy, supporting municipalities by means of grants for development, doing the state orders for a certain type of production, pursuing transfer policy. But such actions, are generally directed, on the solution of the current tasks, unlike the target programs directed more on the solution of strategic problems of reforming of the social and economic sphere.
Programs are very diverse on character, the purpose, volume, time and other signs. Regional and municipal programs are developed for transformation and revival of regions and municipalities.
In recent years the tendency of growth of number of the target programs applying for support of the federal budget was designated.
The increase in total of programs is accompanied by reduction of their actual financing at the expense of means of the federal budget that is connected with policy of transfer of part of powers on regional level.
Reduction of the state support creates certain difficulties with attraction of off-budget sources of financing and moves terms of realization of actions.
Considering the developed social and economic situation in the country and unreality of sufficient budget financing of all regional program projects and actions, the ideology of a choice, development and financial security of target programs has to be modified. It consists in strict selection of the problems demanding software solution and financing of priority projects, capable to have the greatest impact on all social and economic situation in the region.
In contents of the programs accepted recently certain changes in comparison with approved in earlier are noticeable. In them in the greatest possible degree regional factors are considered, staging of implementation of projects is defined.

Keywords: infrastructure, management, planning, region development, regional target programs, socially – economic policy, territories, the state support

Article reference:
Structure of the regional target program on development of the social sphere of the village // Economics and innovations management. 2013. № 8 [Electronic journal]. URL:

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