Данилова Олеся Владиславовна1, Гарифуллина Альбина Маратовна2
1Башкирский Государственный Университет, студент
2Башкирский Государственный Университет, доцент, преподаватель

Эта статья познакомит Вас с математической наукой в экономике. Математические методы - самый важный инструмент анализа процессов и явлений в экономике.

Ключевые слова: математические методы, экономика


Danilova Olesya Vladislavovna1, Garifullina Albina Maratovna2
1Bashkir State University, student
2Bashkir State University, associate professor, teacher

This article will acquaint you with mathematical science in economy. Mathematical methods are the most important tool of the analysis of processes and the phenomena in economy.

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Данилова О.В., Гарифуллина А.М. Mathematical methods in economy // Экономика и менеджмент инновационных технологий. 2014. № 1 [Электронный ресурс]. URL: https://ekonomika.snauka.ru/2014/01/3527 (дата обращения: 20.07.2024).

The economic problems arising before experts often have difficult character. They depend on a set of various factors which in the majority of the cases contradict each other, they as change over time and influence other problems and processes.

For this reason, for the solution of these problems on an economy and mathematics joint, there are special receptions with the characteristic name “economic-mathematical methods”. The channelized scientific is devoted to research of economic systems and processes by means of mathematical models. As the mathematical model reflects a problem in an abstract form, she allows to consider bigger number of various characteristics on which this or that problem depends. The analysis and calculation of mathematical model allow to choose optimum solutions of an objective and to prove this choice. As a whole mathematical modeling becomes the language of the modern economic theory which is equally clear for the scientific all countries of the world.

On the general purposeful purpose economic-mathematical models divide on theoretic-analytical which are used when studying the general properties and regularities of economic processes, and applied which are in turn applied in the solution of specific economic objectives of the analysis, forecasting and management.

Mathematical methods are the most important tool of the analysis of processes and the phenomena in economy, creation of the theoretical models, allowing to display existing communications in economic life. They allow to predict behavior of economic subjects and economic dynamics. As a part of economic-mathematical methods usually allocate such scientific disciplines, as economic cybernetics, mathematical statistics, mathematical economy and econometrics.

By means of use of mathematical methods, including by means of different formulas and schedules, it is possible to diagnose and solve many economic problems that significantly facilitates life to many people. The solution of tasks of the economic analysis mathematical methods probably if they are formulated mathematically, that is real economic interrelations and dependences are expressed with application of the mathematical analysis. As causes the necessity of development of mathematical models.

Application of mathematical methods in practice always demands system approach to research of the set object, and as accounting of interrelations and relations with other objects. For example, with other enterprises and firms. Not less important is improvement of system of information support of management of the enterprise with use of modern electronic computer facilities. And among other things not the last place is taken by development of mathematical models which reflect quantitative indices of system activity of employees of the organization, the processes happening in difficult systems.

Now all economic systems gradually develop and become complicated, thereby there is a change of their structure, and sometimes and the contents caused by scientific and technical progress. All this does outdated many methods applied earlier, they demands their adjustment. But at the same time scientific and technical progress influences and mathematical methods as emergence and improvement of electronic computers made possible wide use of the methods which have been earlier described only theoretically, or applied only for small applied tasks.

For improvement of management by economy in general and commercial activity in particular the increasing attention is given to application of mathematical methods and computer facilities. Thus, mathematical methods are the major methods which are able to give to the economic theory scientific completeness.

The mathematics both in economic science and in economic informatics is applied in the increasing scales. By means of its methods it is possible to display communications which are displayed in economy, to count behavior of various economic subjects and their dynamics. Without mathematics the economy won’t be able to exist. At what it becomes economy language which is already clear to scientists of all countries of the world. It is now obvious that it – necessary part of the economic theory. However it is insufficient as also purely economic substantial component becomes more and more difficult, and the unformulated party of the description of economic events will be always present.

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