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Articles in journal «Economics and innovations management»

Мотивация персонала в организации

№ 6 (21) June 2013

Развитие психологии на макрокультурном уровне в современном Китае

№ 7 (46) July 2015

Методики мониторинга социально-экономического развития региона России

№ 3 (66) March 2017

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Kondral D.P., Morozov N.A. Methodological basis for formulating strategies and mechanisms for the development of the Russian North

June, 2014

Makarenko V.K., Belousova I.B. The experimental methodology of realization of the third lesson of physical culture in the conditions of rural locality

January, 2015

Shesternina O.I. Ways to enhance the effectiveness of non-productive organization based management system optimization

March, 2015

Romanyuk I.A., Gorbunov V.N., Sinitsyn M.A. Improving methods of design of object construction master plan

April, 2015

Miroshnichenko K.I. Isolation techniques buffer zone with a special legal regime use the example of cultural property on-track regional signif-icance «Сhurch Our Lady of Tikhvin, 1779»

June, 2015

Kurpayanidi K. Modern approaches to defining functions and concepts of national innovation system of the Uzbek economy

January, 2016

Khizbullina R.R., Garaishina E.I. Methodological bases of studying of social adaptation in the student's environment

March, 2016

Sivak O.G. The methodology of modern educational management

April, 2016

Dal L.I. Methodology of analysis and evaluation of the health and environmental hazards and risks

April, 2016

Inashvili S.Y. Method of use infographics in the study subjects «Distance learning technologies»

January, 2017

Balalaieva O.Y. Teaching anatomical terminology using electronic textbook

June, 2018

Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Komleva E.V. Orthodoxy, the phenomenon of nuclear energy and geosciences

March, 2013

Lapin Y.A. Academic philological disciplines’ integration as the methodology of the philologist’s training

April, 2013

Nikitin A.A. Outlines methodology humanities XXI century

February, 2014

Filippov L.I. On the need for fundamental agreements between philosophers

May, 2014

Mudrakov V.V. On the problem of F. Nietzsche's genealogical analysis (at the way to "newreligiosity"?)

October, 2014

Arzhanova I.O. Historiography and methodological aspects of research issues of patriotism, the formation of patriotic consciousness

October, 2014

Demidova M.V. Methodology of post-non-classical science: a recursive paradigm of social knowledge

August, 2015

Khizbullina R.R. Theory approaches to studying of system of continuous education

April, 2016

Volkova E.V. On developing system approach to intercultural competence forming

August, 2016

Albertin S.V. Cognitive modeling as a way for scientific creativity

August, 2016

Kharchenko A.A. About artistic creative work methodology

October, 2016

Demidova M.V. Postnonclassical analytical methodology of social sciences: SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, discourse analysis

November, 2016

Filippov L.I. The subject of metaphilosophy. Internal and external crisis of philosophy. Actual problems of philosophy

January, 2018

Articles in journal «Psychology, sociology and pedagogy»

Lazareva O.A. Happiness as object of studying of sociology

October, 2013

Voloshina L.A. The main principles of communicative training non-linguist students

July, 2015

Mayer R.V. About mathematical and imitating modelling of didactic systems

October, 2015

Balalaieva O.Y. Methodical techniques of using the electronic textbook in the training of veterinary students in pharmaceutical terminology

June, 2018

Articles in journal «Modern technics and technologies»

Abramovich B.N., Sychev Y.A. The selection of structure, performance mode, main parameters and placement of active systems of voltage and current value and harmonic spectrum correction in electrical networks of mineral resources enterprises

June, 2015

Articles in journal «Modern pedagogy»

Turkova E.S., Karmanova E.V. Peculiarities of organization of independent work in distance learning system

December, 2016