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Обзор состояния отраслей промышленности России в 2016 г.

№ 12 (63) December 2016

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Sadenko D.S., Eroshkina N.A., Korovkin M.O. Study of the fracture toughness of concrete with the addition of chrysotile and superplasticizer

January, 2015

Troyan V.V. Simulation of concrete durability

February, 2015

Eroshkina N.A., Korovkin M.O., Tymchuk E.I. Frost-resistance of geopolymer concrete

March, 2015

Eroshkina N.A., Korovkin M.O., Tymchuk E.I. Analysis of the factors affecting the durability of geopolymer building materials

March, 2015

Korovkin M.O., Eroshkina N.A., Zamchalin M.N. Influence of fine aggregate on the water-reducing effect of superplasticizer

April, 2015

Zernov V.V., Zaytsev M.B., Barabankina G.S., Bykova Y.A. Fire resistance of concrete pipes constructions

April, 2015

Chamurliev M.Y., Korovkin M.O., Eroshkina N.A. The development of methodology for assessing the efficiency of plasticizers

June, 2015

Korotkova A.A. Interaction of cement with admixtures and superplasticizers of different base groups in concrete mix

August, 2016

Titov B.A. Production technology of expanded clay lightweight concrete blocks

January, 2017

Промышленные полы. Использование цементных и полимерных покрытий с повышенной износостойкостью

January, 2018

Стационарные перегородки в современном ремонте помещений

January, 2018

Ячеистый бетон для индивидуального строительства

January, 2018

Articles in journal «Modern technics and technologies»

Troyan V.V. Prediction of crack resistance of massive concrete structures based on cements different types

February, 2015