Author: Соколова Светлана Александровна

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Articles of the author in journal «Economics and innovations management»

К вопросу развития инвестиционного потенциала в Волгоградской области

№ 11 (38) November 2014

К вопросу об инновационности российских регионов и городов

№ 3 (54) March 2016

Articles of the author in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Sokolova S.A. Improving research and educational potentials of the region as a necessary condition for the development of suburban zones

May, 2015

Sokolova S.A., Frolova I.P., Muldasheva A.S. The actual innovative building materials

March, 2016

Sokolova S.A., Tikhonova T.A., Sinyapkina O.A. Problems and ways of innovative development of the Russian economy

April, 2016

Sokolova S.A., Lebedeva I.V., Egorova N.I. Application of innovations in preparation for world Cup 2018 (on the example of Volgograd)

April, 2016

Articles of the author in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Belyaev M.K., Sokolova S.A. The impact of large construction projects on socio-economic results of the region

November, 2014

Sokolova S., Aleksandrovna , Arutyunyan D.R., Igitkhanyan O.S. Innovative development of the Volgograd region in the conditions of crisis

April, 2016

Articles of the author in journal «Modern pedagogy»

Sokolova S.A. The use of innovative technologies for teaching students

November, 2014

Sokolova S.A., Torchyan N.R., Arustamyan E.A., Frangulyan N.A. The role of innovative methods in the education system

April, 2016