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Stukach Viktor Fedorovich
Omsk state agrarian university of a name of P.A. Stolypin
Doctor of economic Sciences, Professor, Head of the department of economy and farm management, honored worker of higher school of the Russian Federation

Objective: To determine the dependence of the economic results of farmers, their interest in preserving for future generations of land resources, offer motivational mechanisms and governmental influence, aimed at the application of innovation in conservation farming. The novelty lies in the study of motivation of rural producers method takes into account the macro-and mikrosotsalnye factors that affect the application of environmental technologies for areas prone to wind erosion (China, Australia, Kazakhstan, Russia - Volga region, Siberia).Suggestions. The motivation of farmers depends on the demographic situation, determined by the level of welfare, public policy, awareness actions in the application of technology, access to information, the economic results of operation. Regulation should provide for the formation of the socio-economic mechanism, pricing, dependence on subsidies and trade policies in agriculture. The area of application of the results: the professional community, governments, municipalities, research and educational institutions.

Keywords: conservation tillage, innovation in technology land, land reform, the UN Conference on Environment and Development (Rio de Janeiro) 1992

Article reference:
The motivation of farmers in applying innovative soil protective technologies // Economics and innovations management. 2013. № 8 [Electronic journal]. URL: http://ekonomika.snauka.ru/en/2013/08/2894

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