Fly2play gold tours to Belgium

Belgium is a small, amazing country that can rightly be called the embodiment of a fairy tale that has come to life in the arena of modern Europe.

Buying a tour to Belgium, you automatically get a ticket to a wonderful world of bright contrasts, to a state where ancient estates and castles overflowing with a romantic atmosphere, stunning ancient architecture of houses on the streets of today’s cities, charming landscapes of small villages are intertwined with fascinating skyscrapers, wonderful monuments and amazing sculptures.

Buying trips to Belgium at a democratic reasonable cost, you can not help but give yourself a chance to enjoy the Belgian cuisine in the full range of flavors of the masterpieces of gastronomy of this amazing country.

For tourists, it will be interesting to know that Belgium is a constitutional monarchy, which is still headed by the king.

The capital of Belgium the small city of Brussels denounces not only the main government city of the country, but also rightly sits on the throne of the administrative capital of Europe.

Mini Europe called Brussels is a monumental and unique building designed and built by successful merchants, artisans, magicians-architects from all over the world.

The Brussels capital region is filled from head to toe with both democratic cafes and eateries, as well as expensive luxury restaurants, as fancy but very creative hostels and ideological designer hotels, which loudly suggests that a holiday in Belgium perfectly combines price and quality.

Tours to Belgium Small and comfortable Belgium has its own cultural heritage. It does not boil under the influx of tourists, frequent visitors to the country are Europeans from neighboring countries. And in vain, because there is something to see, buy and try! The capital Brussels is filled with historical architecture. The Royal Palace, St. Michael’s Cathedral, the town hall with a tower of 90 meters, the museum of models “Mini-Europe” which contains the most famous sights from all over Europe (of course, in mini-versions).

Belgium even has a personal “Venice” – in the embodiment of the romantic town of Bruges. Old houses, bridges crossing water channels, the Belfort Watch Tower, the market square, which preserves the buildings of the Enlightenment era. The city of Ghent has for many years preserved the integrity of the castles of Philip and Gerard, the painted walls of the Cathedral, the City Hall. The ancient Bylock Abbey invites you to the Museum of Archaeology. Fans associate Antwerp with a famous football club. But its advantages are not limited to this. It is a city with the largest seaport and a world center for processing and trading diamonds. The town of Liege is famous for its impressive number of historical monuments and churches.

The city is decorated with the palace of bishops (the beginning of the XI century). The main seaside resort of Ostend is popular not only in Belgium, but perhaps in all of Europe. Do you want to bring a memorable and worthwhile thing from Belgium? Then go to Bruges, which is famous for its extraordinary handmade lace.