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Articles in journal «Economics and innovations management»

Особенности применения патентной системы налогообложения

№ 4 (19) April 2013

Патентная система налогообложения: плюсы и минусы

№ 4 (31) April 2014

Проблема двусмысленного прочтения статей Налогового Кодекса РФ

№ 4 (31) April 2014

Влияние имущественных налогов на местные и региональные бюджеты

№ 5 (32) May 2014

Налог на прибыль организаций на примере коммерческого предприятия

№ 6 (33) June 2014

Налоговая система как инструмент фискальной политики государства РФ

№ 11 (38) November 2014

Введение налогов как инструмент покрытия убытков государства в санкционно-кризисное время

№ 12 (51) December 2015

ЕНВД и УСН: выбор на макроуровне

№ 3 (54) March 2016

Налоговый контроль и оценка его результативности на региональном уровне

№ 4 (55) April 2016

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Shkurko K.S. Problems of tax system and way of its improvement

April, 2014

Bondarenko A.Y. Comparative analysis of the tax systems of Sweden and the Russian Federation, on the example of tax on personal income

May, 2014

Ochneva L.A., Korneva E.V. Property taxes of individuals, their problems and ways to improve the collection of taxes

June, 2014

Pechenkina Y.E., Bondarenko T.N. Tax collection as a tool of replenishment of local budgets (for example, Artem city district of Primorsky Krai)

July, 2015

Vodopyanova V.A., Chie E.E. Analysis of tax revenue for the Primorsky Kray 2012- 2014 years

July, 2015

Litvinova S.A., Salnikova N.V. Tax consulting as an independent activity in the current economic conditions

November, 2015

Vladimirov N.A. The Federal budget of the Russian Federation for 2016 and its anti-recessionary orientation

December, 2015

Gumeonnaya N.S. The single tax on imputed income tax system in Russia

March, 2016

Khazipova E.F. Management of tax burden in system of financial management

April, 2016

Tohirkhuzhaev S.R. Theoretical approaches to the definition of the term "tax policy"

June, 2016

Kornilova A.V. The application features interactive methods in teaching tax courses

October, 2016

Andreeva S.A., Allagulov R.H. Instruments of fiscal policy of the state

November, 2016

Bykova N.N., Lyadov A.A. The tax system, its principles and functions

January, 2017

Kazankova T.N., Sablina M.V. The problem of the formation of local budgets

April, 2017

Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Katanova A.V. The tax on personal income. The practice of in Russia and abroad

December, 2015

Articles in journal «Politics, State and Law»

Mavrina A.S. Guarantee the stabilization of taxation in the current economic situation in Russia

December, 2014

Izatmurodova A.H. "Supervisors holidays" as a factor in stimulating the development of small business in Russia

February, 2015

Vladimirov S.A. Rationale the main directions of tax policy of balanced macroeconomic systems

July, 2015