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Анализ трудовых ресурсов в сфере регионального здравоохранения

№ 8 (59) August 2016

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Российский рынок платной медицины

February, 2018

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Tolstykh K.V. Evaluation of indicators financing of the medical organization

January, 2016

Shekhovtsova T.K. Evaluation of the performance of health institutions as a basis for developing a business plan

January, 2016

Komolykh N.I. Estimation of resource potential of organization of health protection is in the system of krizis-management

January, 2016

Litvinova R.V. The results of the analysis resource potential of health care

August, 2016

Nikitina M.U. Management Efficiency Analysis of a Health Care Facility

January, 2017

Efremova Y.S. Application of tools of strategic management in health care

January, 2017