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Articles in journal «Economics and innovations management»

Возможности развития туристского рынка в России и Крыму

№ 12 (51) December 2015

Разработка проекта тура "Чарующий Эдинбург" с целью развития международного туризма в Крыму

№ 4 (55) April 2016

Проблемы и перспективы развития туризма в России и Крыму

№ 4 (55) April 2016

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Gorbunov R.V. Environmental aspects of asymmetry slope local landscapes of the Crimean Mountains

November, 2011

January, 2012

Ryazantseva M.V., Yakushova E.S. Development prospects of the Republic of Crimea by special economic zones

May, 2014

Polovina E.V. Local identity in modern world

December, 2014

Sotskova L.M., Smirnov V.O., Okara I.V., Malishchuk I.O. Saving balneological resources mud of salt lakes of Western Crimea

July, 2015

Parubets O.V., Fedorchenko Y.N. Cultural and ethnographic centers of Crimea: problems and development prospects

February, 2016

Parubets O.V., Odaryuk E.V., Kozelskaya L.V. Photo tour in Crimea as an innovative direction in the tourism

March, 2016

Parubets O.V., Galushko A.V. Premises and problems of wedding tourism development in Crimea

March, 2016

Andrievsky D.V. On the history of coinage of the Crimean Khanate with Devlet Giray I and Muhammad Giray II

October, 2016

Choref M.M. The monument of its era: the copper coin of the last king of Kartli-Kakheti, George XII from South-Western Crimea

November, 2016

Timoshina Y.V., Smirnov D.V. Opportunities of winter recreation in Crimea

February, 2017

Denisov V.A. Panaceas from the Crimea

March, 2017

Формирование безбарьерной среды, как перспектива развития доступного туризма в Крыму

May, 2017

Проблемы и перспективы использования мини-отелей Севастополя для организации делового туризма

May, 2017

Проблема геополитического значения Крыма в истории и современном мире: геополитическая «роза ветров»

August, 2017

Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Gumelev V.Y. The geopolitical position of Moscow before the battle on the Ugra river

November, 2013

Партизанское движение в Крыму во время великой отечественной войны

May, 2017

Articles in journal «Philology and literature»

Kuryanov S.O. Towards the creation of the Crimean text of Russian literature. The first myth. About the sanctity of the Crimean land

July, 2014

Kolesnik N.O. Structural-semantic aspect of the toponyms of the Crimea

April, 2015

Mamutov E.T. Thematic Originality of M. Nuzet’s works

February, 2016